October 31, 2008

Last minute preparations

NaNo checklist:

1. A supply of snacks stocked. Check.
2. Rewards for reaching word count goals purchased and stashed. Check.
3. Calendars with word count time lines mapped out. Check.
4. Character outlines, world/culture building notes, plot structure, languages, religious practices, maps worked out and ready to use. Check. (well, Devin and Merlin each get a check, anyway).
5. Good writing music transferred to the mp3 player. Check.
6. Computer repaired (the giant dust bunny was evicted). Check.
7. (Pre-)NaNo cold caught and out of the way so we don't have to deal with it in November. Check.
8. External hard-drive ready for backups. Check.
9. Time zones correctly set on the NaNo site so we can write according to our local time rather than always keeping an eye on Oakland time. Check.
10. Stories summarized for easy explanation. Check.
11. A teaser to get you to come back and check for our next NaNo related post. Check.

And no, we're not staying up until midnight just to get a head start. We'll be at it bright and early tomorrow morning, though. The housework will have to wait.