October 08, 2008

crazy people

Today we saw two crazy people. One kept on throwing her arms out and in then she would kind of cough into her elbow and throw her arms out again and then she would shrug. She was laughing her head off. Then she went into the post office.

The other guy kind of looked like one of my dad's students. He was holding an ipod and playing air guitar while kicking and jiggling. He was also singing, though we couldn't tell what language he was singing in.

I don't know what it was about today that made the students crazy.

by Merlin


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creaturespirit said...

That's so weird isn't it Merlin. I've seen people like that too. By your description, the second guy might have been high on something. You're soaking everything up too aren't you! You're going to be a lot more open minded than most people. What a great life you have! You really lucked out on the parents you got. Hope to see you again some day!