October 08, 2008


Finally! Autumn at last! These last few days we've been waiting for autumn and it hasn't been here because autumn starts early um I mean we haven't see the actual happenings of autumn until today, so what I mean is that it doesn't give the trees a chance to start mmmm... lets say becoming pretty? No not that, yes that's it! Leaves falling to the ground and begging to be picked up because they're soo colourful. I think I got it right! It seems like it's only the spiky leafed trees, the yellow err... golden colored ones with a hint of red and orange.

It's a nice day actually. The sky matches the leaves, a nice baby blue with golden leaves against it I like it! Oh yeah just to add a nice touch a grey bluish building (just the tip anyways) in the back left corner, I think it's our apartment from the outside.

Merlin holding a nice leaf infront of the the new camera, a nice touch with the background, some dappled cement (the sunlight that shone through the bush in the back).
Just got home, thought it be nice to take this picture of a messy but... stylish or um... fake version of a you know one of those cheesy pictures that goes on the front of a journal.
Merlin just insists that we walk through the leaves on the corner sidewalks once more, but I mean who can blame her, it's her first experience of Autumn in Beijing, so my mom and I had to agree after a minute of hesitation. Oh! I just wanted to include my final sentence, that this day was a very windy one, as you can see Merlins hair blowing across her face.

by Devin

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creaturespirit said...

Devin you sound so mature and use such a full vocabulary, I can't always tell if it's you or your mom writing!