September 30, 2008

touristing 1.3

The day we went to all these places I also took the medium format camera. I'm not as productive as Dan and I only shot one roll (if even that much) and since he takes film in when he's amassed a larger amount, I'll have to wait until there's more to develop before I get to see how they turned out.
The story behind this place (or one of the stories anyway) is that the man who had it built worked as a high-ranking government official. Somehow he managed to steal jewels from the palace. He'd build them into the walls of his mansion (and this place is like a small village, it's huge and complex and beyond what we'd consider a mansion). Eventually he amassed so much wealth that he actually had more than the emperor. He didn't give someone the cut they were due, though, and he got ratted out. Before losing his head, he and his family sure lived well.

I kept trying to get a picture of these pedicabs when streams of them would come rolling down the street, but I wasn't fast enough and missed it each time. Here they are parked, though, when they're much easier to catch.
This kind of thing cracks us up. A fake topiary to hide the spotlight...

Another pavilion for the corrupt official. Not bad!

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