July 11, 2008

Parting Shots

About a week before we left Davis I had an evening by myself while the girls were at a sleepover. I rode my bike around and took pictures of things I found around West Davis. I've never learned anything about photography but Dan suggested I try medium format like he uses. This is what I ended up with.

I don't think photography really works for me, considering I usually have to carry a bunch of kid-related stuff in addition to the camera, Devin and Merlin constantly want my attention and if I stop they're ready to run off ahead, or if I want to go look at something they want to go another way. Dan took one look at these pictures (plus the ones he took once we got to Hangzhou with the camera) and said he wasn't impressed with the lenses and the camera, so I don't know what I think. Creative pursuits find a pretty hostile environment when I try to nurture them these days (years).

1 comment:

Tia said...

Jeez Wendy! You make regular every-day things look really interesting. I've seen those things at the airport, and never thought much of them. The hay field picture looks kinda creepy!!