July 28, 2008

assorted pictures

A random sampling of pictures we've taken over
the last month... scroll over each photo for a caption.


Bluebell said...

Wow, neat trick, how did you get it to do that (the scroll-over caption)?
I'm impressed with your technical savvy.

Wendy said...

Hi! Hey, thanks for your help the other day, checking how things looked from the east coast. I still have no idea why my blog gets re-directed when I use that proxy option...?

Anyway, about the captions, you have to have uploaded the photos onto the page you're working on. Then, switch from compose to edit HTML. This next step is easier to do if you've not added any text yet as it can be harder to scroll through all the words you'll find when you're looking at the HTML code.

Look for each photo's code- you'll see something like this: id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5227604584727368370"

after that end quote you should type the following: title="caption you want shown"

and then I usually have a space after that end quote and whatever the next bit of code is...

I try to not to mess with anything else in there...

the nice thing is that you can test it back in the compose mode by scrolling over it - the caption should show.

I just search around on google for different things I want to do - though it helps that I learned a little HTML when I worked at UCSF ever so long ago :-)

Hi to all your family!