March 24, 2012

downhill and very fast

Remember the grey trip we took to Sank Andreasberg?  Well we later made it there on two separate, gloriously sunny weekends and had tons of fun sledding and snow tubing.  Snow tubing was such a blast that we went back the next weekend, with Dan and several of his colleagues in tow.

Here's some of the gang.

Snow tubing goes like this:
1. You have to have a great hill

2. Then you get in a tube.

3. Wait for the lever to be released and then hit the track!

4. Hurtle downhill and go bumping, spinning and laughing like crazy.

5. Hook your tube to the cable, get towed uphill (yes, we're cheaters) and repeat as necessary.

Alternatively, there's also great sledding - free and so incredibly frightening what with random people scattered on the hillside, kids cutting in front of you and crashing into fences (Devin, was that you?), super bumps that cause the daring, two-per-sled, to have said vehicle go splintering out from under them.  Apparently it IS possible to steer a sled, I just don't think any of us figured out how.

At the starting line

I don't have any pictures taken from the bottom, looking at everyone zooming toward me because, frankly, that was too scary!

Everyone had a good time!


Karysa Faire said...

Fun! Scary! What wonderful memories.

Wendy said...

Completely fun! And new for me, being a coastal girl...

Katharina said...

just discovered that i hadn't seen your last two posts on here :) .. I like to have the pics of Merlin and me sledding too, oh plus the other ones from Thanksgiving and Gingerbread-Making :) !! I totally forgot about them, when we put the Girls trip ones on my harddisc :)