October 26, 2011

modes of transportation

We noticed the differences in cars right away.  In the US we see a lot of sedans and of course everyone knows Americans generally prefer SUVs more than most.  I think in Davis we were used to seeing a lot more Priuses.  They're here too, but not in as great a quantity.  Instead we see makes and models we don't find in the US, like Skoda, Dacia, and Citroen.

One of the first responses we all had was that there were a lot of "bean cars," (as in bean shaped - rounded and aerodynamic) and we were surprised at how common wagon models are. 

Anyway, rather than just talk about this, I figure it's good to show pictures.
the classic "bean"

 the classic classic

 Fiat's take on the classic

 a sporty Smart Car

How come they don't sell the Ford Streetka in the US?

 Or the Toyota Picnic?

There are bikes galore here.  Sometime I'll take a pic of the parking pile at the train station.

And Göttingen has one up on Davis - even the mail is delivered by bike.

So we're contemplating getting a car - it'd save so much time for me to be able to do multiple errands in just one trip and to be able to carry oddly sized  or heavy things.  We don't have a particular model in mind at this point.  The first step is going to be getting a German drivers' license before my CA license loses its 6 month grace period.  Annoyingly enough, California is not one of the states to have an agreement with Germany that would allow me to just trade my CA license for a German one.  Instead, I have to prove my CA license is not my first (if I can't, I have to go to driving school) and then I have to  take a class in the theoretical aspects in order to take the written exam.  Blah.

I wonder, though, if I could avoid all that by flying...


usDad said...

I liked your stories and pictures of car's, of-course I think the flying equipment would be a little on the heavy side (sea bird?).

ruth said...


Tia said...

Do they have peugeot there? It's French! Me and Jimmy would laugh when we saw one and call it "poo-got" :)

Wendy said...

Dad, I thought of you as I wrote this, knowing you'd be totally into the cars here :) Lots of minis and of course little VWs like yours...

Ruth - yeah, I've thought about that... too bad they don't make a "bike" trailer for mopeds so all the groceries could fit in there. Or a sidecar maybe? :)

yep, Peugot is here - Devin & Merlin had no idea how to pronounce it either, though we didn't quite sink to the same level as Jimmy and you. :-)

Ruth said...

Moped with sidecar - perfect! Or you could get a motorcycle. A Harley! I know how much you love them. I remember once when one thundered past and you said quietly, in the direction of the driver, "Everybody hates you." That still makes me laugh.

Wendy said...

Wow, I have actually no recollection of that whatsoever... that's kind of a weird feeling. Maybe that explains why I frown on all Dan's attempts to convince me that his getting a motorcycle is a good idea.

Ruth said...

Does he want a Harley? Or is it a (completely legitimate) safety issue?

HilaryAnn said...

i didn't know you actually want to get a car... ok, i already apply for a ride to ALDI :D

HilaryAnn said...

i just figured that you probabaly not know that HilaryAnn means Katharina ^^

Wendy said...

ha! I figured it out pretty quickly because who else do I know that needs a ride to Aldi? :)