October 14, 2011

I'm a wimp

or, gee, it feels like winter already.

We had two or three weeks of fabulous weather, up until a few days into October.  It was sunny and warm and then gradually it began to feel like typical California winter weather - it rained and was colder.  This morning the temperature had dipped down to around 32-34 F.

I find I'm reluctant to go out and take pictures right now, though I'm optimistic I'll get used to it. 

The last few weeks have involved a lot of trips back and forth from the main part of town to the house. We're up a hill, which I can only get part of the way up by bike. 

Luckily we're very near a bus line and I've made a brilliant investment in a monthly bus pas so I can come and go with backpack loads of groceries and household goods.  Devin and Merlin also have bus passes - granted because we live outside of a certain distance from school, so every morning we trek down the hill and stand in the dark to await our bus.  I've been going just because Merlin and I like to have the conversation time while Devin pretends to be unrelated.

In the first week at the house our wait at the bus stop took place just as the sun was rising and the sky was light.  Now it's quite dark and there's only the faintest pale patch of sky to the east.  It's amazing how quickly the days are getting shorter. 

According to the Sunrise Sunset Calendar, we're already experiencing days 45 minutes shorter than you folks in Davis and our sunrise is about 30 minutes later than yours.  One of those fact I neglected to research when we were in California is that Göttingen is actually as far north as Calgary, Canada! 

I have to say, philosophically, now that we're brushing up against the halfway point between the north pole and the equator, that I'm slightly biased in favor of warm weather.  I think I'll make good friends with the radiators this winter.

I just wonder what the good of a sundial is when there's not enough sun to be found!

The photo is of a sundial on Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church), right near the edge of old Göttingen.  We've had breakfast at a bakery right across the street a number of times, sitting at the counter at the window.  Now, it's almost too dark to see the church and this morning we found our images reflected back by the bakery window.  And don't be fooled by the date on the sundial, the church was actually built sometime around 1318.

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