September 08, 2011

First Blog Post and First Week of School!!!

Hi everybody! This is my first blog post and first week of school . Sadly I don't have any pictures of the school but I do have words! So far every class I have: geography, music, math, religion, German, politics, and clarinet is in German, well except for English which is in English. My classmates speak very little English so it's kinda hard to communicate! We have lunch at 1:05 which is really late for me. At the cafeteria they at least have a kitchen to cook the food, but of course the food isn't that great. On the first day we had a pork dish with this bread crumb topping, some disgusting weird green vegtables and potatos. To drink was this really watered down fruit juice. On most days we're supposed to get out at 3:20 but this week almost all the teachers during the last period are gone and so we get out at 1:05. I have made a few friends and I am already am invited to someone's birthday party, hopefully my luck will keep up and I'll make as many friends as I did in California! The classes are impossible to understand and I have a really hard with the classes but luckily I'll have German classes so it'll be easier. I don't really have that much to say so I'm sorry if this post is short! Bye!


Belle of the Blues said...

Hey Merlin, do you remember me? You are so brave to go to a school where you don't know the language. What an adventure you will have. You are awesome! I hope you have lots of fun. =) Chantel

Anonymous said...


Glad you are doing ok at your first week of school. Glad that you are starting to make new friends. Have fun at that birthday party if you go.



Margie said...

You are on your way Merlin, have fun with everything. Go Girl!
We miss you very much. Just so different without you all.