May 04, 2008

Spring Show

Every year the 4-H clubs have a fair called Spring Show. Spring Show is about showing animals and entering projects like sewing, woodworking, and knitting. Right here I am working on our 4-H group's booth. I am putting up some words that say "Golden Valley 4-H Club Goes Green."

Right here my sister is helping by pasting some glue on some pictures of the members in our club.

Right here I'm about to show my friend's goat : Nin. Goat showing is hard because you have to get the goat's stance correct.

The picture below shows my goat project leader showing a goat.
The knitted yellow thing here is my sister's cat toy. The picture below is the skirt I sewed.

We made/sold cotton candy at Spring Show to earn money for our club.

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Anonymous said...

Devi you made a skirt?!?! Nice job on the cat toy Merlin!!!!

ur loving friend,