January 05, 2012

Old Year, New Year

Dear everyone, we hope you have a great 2012, that it brings contentment, joy, depth and beauty!

Devin, Merlin and I stayed up on the 31st (Dan's in China continuing research, writing, and helping his parents who have both been ill).  It was a beautiful surprise to have the weather clear enough to experience a firework-filled celebration.  From our house, which I sometimes call our Mountain Retreat (I try to remember that when I feel like complaining about the uphill walk), we can see above rooftops to the city center below.  Folks here really get into the fireworks displays and from just before midnight until after 1:00 am, it seemed the valley was just filled with showers and sparks and bright flowering bursts.  I'm sorry, I didn't take any pictures (and they'd be a paltry representation, anyway, without a zoom lens), but after all my years in towns where personal fireworks are mostly off limits, I have to say that this was a treat worth seeing.  Both girls enthusiastically endorsed being here for it again next year.

Up until the 29th of December, downtown Göttingen hosted a Christmas Market with booths filled with crafts and ornaments, winter specialties and eye candy (and real candy).  It was a relatively small market, just filling two small plazas, but we found ourselves continually entertained by just walking through the jostle and seeing what there was to see.


We didn't have a white Christmas (just rain and more rain), but it did snow once, sometime in December, and then promptly melted and we're still wondering if we're going to get to use our sled.  We did go ice skating, at the downtown indoor rink - it was pretty crowded and with the dim lighting, hard to take photos, but here are a few I got.  We look faster than we really are, but for a bunch of Californians, we weren't really too bad at it.  I think we can thank Sacramento's December rink for that.

Yes, that's Merlin in the maroon sweater.

And Devin, zipping by.

At least it snowed on our gingerbread houses...

and bonus points to anyone who can identify these (super extra bonus points if you know the Danish name, just because that's how I happen to call them):


ruth said...


So good to get your updates - I wish I was there!

Susy said...

Wonderful photos as always; I love that Devin continues to support UCD in her pictures! No snow or even a hint of cold weather here; it's actually kind of scary. But I do see Jazzy running back & forth from her corner to the turtle door where a new family has taken residence. She seems happy.

Wendy said...

Ruth! Bingo! I'm impressed! Geez, I need to get on FB more often so I can get your updates, don't I? :)

Wendy said...

Susy, hi! I'm always glad to hear how things are, there in that little cul-de-sac world... Miss you heaps!

Kate said...

Hi Wendy, I remember when grandma made us aebelskivers when they lived in Santa Maria in the same neighborhood that you guys did (by the purple lady's house). It sounds like you guys had a good christmas & new years', we just got our first real snow of the season today in VT/NH & it was only a couple of inches (my feeling is, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow). Gottingen sounds like a neat place.

Wendy said...

Hey Kate! I figured you (and all the cousins) would know this :)

Still no snow here, I'm kind of envious of you east coasters.

Devin's amazed that you know the purple lady - I think she doesn't realize we have a history that extends to before she was born. :)