August 10, 2011

57 boxes later

A step in the right direction, from this

to this

It was lifted and rolled right out so quickly into the truck - the house felt weird after that. Now we're down to all that's left to put in the garage sale, the storage unit, and carry by suitcase to Germany.

Joking:  "Ha, there's no going back now!"

The countdown begins.  20 days.


Kate said...

Hi Wendy,
It's your cousin Kate, my mom just told me about your blog. I hope you will keep it up in Germany cause I'd love to hear what is going on & see pictures. I feel so old looking at the pictures of Devin & Merlin. Germany should be lots of fun, I've only been to the Frankfurt airport but you will be centrally located to so many great things in Europe, I'm quite jealous.

Wendy said...


I'm so glad you stopped by. We'll be blogging (hopefully I can get Merlin and Devin to do some too, from their perspective) when we're there. It just feels a little more welcoming than facebook.

And I think the cure for jealousy is for you to come visit us sometime. :) I think we'll be closer to where you are, once we're in Germany, than we are in California!